"Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a voice." S. Few

Tell the story of your customer thanks to your data
and take accurate Marketing decisions


Embrace the Customer Intelligence ...

The spine of our work is the improvement of the experience that your customer will face when entering in contact with you. Each moment of truth must be thinked with care and through a customer-centric perspective. The customer journey is made of several touchpoints that must all be improved to offer the best experience possible. 

Thanks to digital intelligence and its multisources data analysis, we are able to have a 360° customer view, to better understand the customer engagement and to react in order to improve his experience with your services or products. 

Our goal is to reunify Digital Intelligence and Customer Experience assets and to benefit from this duet to get more accurate insights about the customer; those insights can then be used in a data-driven marketing approach.

It is about to get a customer centric view: all data collected from a customer must be centralized in a unique base. Every department inside a company should share collected data with other departments. More data we have about a specific customer, more performant we can be in our marketing approach.

... by shifting to a data-driven culture ...

Data is the heart of every company and must be used to manage every decision. Inside every organization willing to become more data-driven, some practical shifts should be made. First of all, Analytics, Business and IT teams should work together and knowledge from one must be shared with the other. No analysis can be made without data collected; and no decision can be taken without knowing what is critical to measure.

To drive high-quality, high-value information, companies need to combine and improve people, solutions and processes. The trusted quality of data is the only way we can assure accurate information and it is thanks to that quality that an entreprise can drive its business.

Working on the different departments in a company is the starting point to an enriching data-driven marketing approach:
  • Identifying and employing the right technologies at the right time will be critical; having the knowledge inside the company is primordial;
  • Employing the right processes is essential to take powerful decisions and actions;
  • Prolific team combined to strategic tools and innovating business processes guide companies to quickly react and be more efficient than their competitors.

... in order to have a competitive advantage

Competitive advantage - weBlend

Implement a data-driven marketing strategy inside a compagny helps to be competitive and to suggest the customer what he really wants and not just what the marketer thinks. 

It is about transforming data into insights and to take accurate actions based on intelligence decisions.Defining the customer lifetime value is the key of a company willing to develop its marketing and products/services portfolio. It is for surr a differentiating element. 

Adopting such an approach offers multiple benefits, it helps to:
  • Develop insights
  • Improve customer engagement 
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Reduce cost and management
  • Achieve goals
  • Increase revenue

The world was not buildt in one day! It takes time and effort to involve this Data-Driven Culture. Let's weBlend experts guide you in this Data Jungle!


Data-driven services

Connect data

  • • Business needs definition •
  • • Maturity roadmap •
  • • Tools selection •
  • • Data mapping •
  • • Data integration •

Translate data into insights

  • • Single Customer view •
  • • Data visualisation •
  • • Segmentation •
  • • Customer value •
  • • Decision making •

Act upon data

  • • Search Engine Marketing •
  • • Content Marketing •
  • • Social Marketing •
  • • Marketing Automation •
  • • CXM •

Analytics Maturity

  • • Assessment •
  • • Consulting •
  • • Planning •

We do it with ...

Some examples

Web Analytics tools study for European Commission
  • Business needs analysis
  • Benchmark
  • Analytics tools recommandation
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Integrated Dashboard for International Press Center
  • Business needs & KPIs definition
  • Google Analytics configuration
  • Dashboard creation
> More
Conversion-Oriented Campaign for Test-Achats / Test-Aankoop
  • Campaign needs & KPIs definition
  • Google Analytics tracking configuration
  • Campaign creation and optimisation
> More
weBlend Analytics solution
Web analytics tools comparison for AXA Bank
  • Business needs analysis
  • Analytics tools comparison
  • Analytics solution recommandation
> More
Analytics optimisation & training  for La Défense / Defensie
  • Business needs & KPIs definition
  • Tagging plan
  • Google Analytics training
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